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Bandai Namco's upcoming theme park sim will support UGC powered by mod.io - read on to learn more about the game and its mod offering!

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Park Beyond, Bandai Namco's new theme park simulator, has just announced mod support will be powered by mod.io. Read on to learn more about Park Beyond, dates to mark on your calendar, and what mod support could mean for the game!

Park Beyond is the next title from developers Limbic Entertainment and publisher Bandai Namco, the former of whom might be best known for Tropico 6 and the post-launch support for the game. Players will be able to build a fantastical theme park of their dreams as a Visioneer, whose unique blend of creator, manager, and designer skillsets make you the best choice to build a successful attraction.

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Park Beyond puts players in the role of a Visioneer, constructing and managing their dream theme park

Park Beyond isn't aiming for hyper-realism, instead allowing imagination to run wild with crazy contraptions and terraforming that permits players to shape the very world around their perfect theme park. Crazy loops for daring teens, flat rides for older guests, and family-friendly venues are all on the table, whilst you optimise the performance of your park to maximise your credentials and build up a repertoire of home-made blueprints that give your park a distinct flavour, no matter the function.

Image 14
Powerful creation tools allow designers to put together their
ideal theming and sell a unified experience across their venue

These kinds of games historically have done well with mods, given the core conceit of the game is all about player expression in the first place, and extrapolating that idea outwards to players modding new content into the game is a natural step for Park Beyond. That's why, in partnership with mod.io, they will be supporting UGC across the game's multiple platforms not long after the game's debut release.

Image 8
Management systems join design considerations in creating the most optimised park possible

The current date penned for mod support is August 2023, and details provided on the implementation suggest parks, custom buildings, and other creations will all be available to share via mod.io. It's not currently known whether this mod support will constitute new gameplay systems or features altogether, but players will at minimum be able to explore the theme parks of others and implement some of these ideas in their own venues.

Image 1

Users will be able to share their creations and designs via mod.io to other players

Park Beyond is slated to release in the middle of June 2023, on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5. Post launch support in the form of both paid and free DLC packs is planned all the way up to the holiday season and beyond, with new scenery items, coasters, and the like. Closed testing concludes this month, but an open beta test will be available in the early part of June with participants receiving special awards when the game goes live later in the month. Park Beyond can be pre-ordered on Steam for £39.99 GBP/$49.99 USD and with mod.io support, we're sure the UGC offerings of the game will be going right to the moon.

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