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PARADIGM WORLDS: MAJOR FACTIONS / NATIONS - Encyclopedia This page presents concept of faction and nation.

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Elate X minor factions


Apart of major factions with their own castles there are other smaller, called minor factions. They are groups of creatures roaming on world map. Each belong to separate faction and have their own 'diplomacy', so player can become friend or enemy also with them. Player may interact with minor factions in dialogues negotiating with each group representing faction. Player can try convince by friendly attitude or by intimidation or just by corruption these factions to change their attitude. They may become more friendly towards player, they may be even corrupted enough to join player and betray their own faction.
But diplomacy with major factions is even more nuanced. With more than twenty lords and a ruler representing each major faction, it needs a skill to balance between greed and honor, between favours and treachery to find own place in such a compoetitional enviroment.

MINOR Factions

"Minor factions in Paradigm Worlds are groups of creatures that roam on the world map and belong to separate factions. They are unable to hold villages, castles, or towns and may choose to live a nomadic life in forests far from civilization due to a variety of reasons, such as lack of advancement, a lack of a strong ruling center, or a historical precedent. Although they are considered minor, there have been eras in Paradigm Worlds where these minor nations were the center of cultural and artistic development."

See also Major factions

In Paradigm Worlds, minor factions have the potential to become major powers at any time, depending on the player's actions. With the help of the Faction Creator, players can create their own scenarios and bring to life their wildest dreams. There is no limit to the combinations that can be created, so if the player wants to play a game ruled entirely by zoners or technomages, they can make it happen. This feature adds to the limitless possibilities and endless replayability of the game.

The player has the ability to customize and create their own factions using the Paradigm Worlds s Faction Creator

In each era, there are different minor factions, some of which may not exist in other eras. For example, in the beginning era of 5066, the minor factions may be primitive tribes, while in the era of 7022, they may be more technologically advanced factions. Players can encounter a variety of different minor factions in each era, and their interactions with these factions can greatly impact the outcome of their game. The Faction Creator allows players to create their own custom scenarios and choose which factions exist and what kind of world they want to play in.

Here are some examples:

  • Justice League (Pirate Hunters, Vampire Hunters) - A theoretically good faction that strives for peace and shows little tolerance towards factions organized by races like mutants.

  • Chitin Empire(Biotec hive kingdom) – A unique nation of biotecs, a mixture of bug, animal, and robot creatures, organized in a hive-like structure.

  • Scoiatael Commando (Elven Rebels) - A faction fighting for independence with a "ends justify the means" attitude.

  • Zoners (Radiated and sick Morloks) - A faction of outcasts trying to survive harsh conditions, which over time became a formidable opponent due to technological advancement.

  • Undeads - (Skeletons, Skeletal Mages, Liches, Draugrs) - An informal political organization that is semi-tribal. The undead generally act independently, but powerful liches can gather hordes of several hundred troops.

  • Doomsday Cultists (Evil Ketele Cultist) - Religious fanatics who believe that chaos and war as sacrifices will bring a demon-like goddess named Ketele to the world.

  • Alien Pirates (Space Pirates with blasters) - An anarchist group of outlaws and criminals who distinguish themselves by using advanced energy weapons believed to come from space.

  • Star Gate Expedition - A military faction organized in small cells that uses weapons resembling late 20th century technology, probably due to access to ancient storehouses. There are rumors they use high-tech gate technology, but nothing has been confirmed.

  • Techno Mages - A faction that believes all advanced technology can be seen as magic by more primitive societies. Their citizens augment their bodies with mechanical parts to use plasma energy weapons and armor.

  • Old Gods Crusaders (Classical Medieval Chivalry) - A theocratic faction that believes in the "Old Gods", powerful beings that kept the previous world in peace and happiness. They dislike technology and see it as corrupting. They are fierce enemies of the Doomsday Cultists.

  • Lost Legion A soldier nation organized around the ideals of ancient Rome, and considered one of the best soldiers in the Paradigm Worlds due to excellent training and modern hi-tech equipment. Lost Legion commanders can call drones to support troops in battle.

  • Crazy Pikts (Rotten, decadent elves) - Crazy Pixies, also known as Pikts, or Devolved Elves, are a fictional species of creatures that were once peaceful and evolved elves, but over time became corrupted and devolved into chaotic and aggressive beings. Despite their diminished intelligence, they have managed to maintain a primitive tribal organization with a central ruler, referred to as the king. Although the king has the ability to call a crusade and rally the troops for an all-out attack, for the most part, the Crazy Pixies act independently and are known for their wild and unpredictable behavior.

  • Desert Abominations (Desert skeletons) - Skeletal humanoids that act like wild animals, raiding merchants and commoners. Their long life in the desert has likely caused them to become insane.

  • Angry Dwarves (Rebel miners, chaos dwarves). Mines containing pyre, a radioactive mineral, have been monopolized by main factions, forcing small dwarven companies to turn to criminal activity to survive. Many dwarves have become insane from handling pyre material.

  • Escaped Mutants (deformed mutants) - Escaped from experiment camps in the Havi-Havi desert, these mutants band together to fight against their oppressors. Some show signs of self-awareness, while others are more like animals.

  • Cannibal Holocaust (depraved by hunger)- Poverty and hunger have driven people to cannibalism, causing them to eventually become mad and then turn into zombies, ghouls, or mummies.

  • Vampire Horde - (nosveratu lords and reinfield assassins) A race of vampires widely acknowledged in the Paradigm World, they act as raiders and criminals. Their form of political organization can be described as feudal.

  • Mercenary Companions -Dangerous times have led to the need for military power, which can be provided by paid troops, known as mercenaries. These professional soldiers and adventurers are organized in a semi-anarchist guild, with ambitions to establish their own country.

  • Criminals and Organized Crime – Ruthless bandits, thugs, mafioso, pirates

  • Weimear Rebels (Medieval Knights) - Former lords of North, lost power due to Necrocorp manipulations. They try to remain neutral, also fight against Necrocorp

  • Corsairs (Sea dwarven pirates) - Brave and daring, these sailors have made the sea their domain. Despite being deemed as outlaws and criminals by the civilized world, they excel in raids and boarding operations, primarily operating from their pirate ships and rarely venturing onto land.

  • Free people (commoners) - Organized in communes, peace enclaves for all free creatures

  • Twelve Fists of the Celestial Blast (heaven ninja clan)Twelve Fists of the Celestial Blast: This is a heaven ninja clan that uses exceptional skills in battle against their evil archenemy. They are organized as peace enclaves for all free creatures.

  • Rubin Shadow of the Iron Blood (red ninja clan)This is a red ninja clan known for their acts as spies, agents, and if necessary, common bandits. They are never satisfied, constantly harassing innocent creatures in their never-ending pursuit of wealth and power.

Two special factions are known as the Free Citizens and the Criminals.

The player's choice of which of the two special factions to give control of a town or castle to, free citizens or criminals, can have far-reaching consequences for the surrounding area and its inhabitants. Allowing the free citizens to govern a settlement promotes the spread of civilization and stability, as they operate as self-governing city-states with a confederate structure, lacking a central power. On the other hand, giving control to the criminal faction means surrendering the settlement to a highly organized mafia-like structure, characterized by violence, chaos, and exploitation. This creates an interesting moral dilemma for the player and adds depth to the game world, as they must weigh the potential benefits and drawbacks of their decisions.

The Free citizens - are a loosely organized confederation of self-governing city-states with little to no central power.

Criminals - highly organized and operates like a mafia-style structure.

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