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This article is a part of PARADIGM WORLDS Encyclopedia. It presents major factions of the PARADIGM WORLDS: People's [Creature's] Democratic Republic of Morlok.

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This article is a part of PARADIGM WORLDS Encyclopedia. It presents core factions of the PARADIGM WORLDS in year 6077.


Totalitarian system in victorian-industrial age

Paradigm Worlds Faction 1 PDRM

This picture shows faction's towns, castles, their names. It also lists most important creatures, their ranks, position in system.

PW Faction 1 Tchernov

This is PDRM ruler, Prime Minister and First Secretary of the Party, Konrad Tchernov. Party has no other name, there is only one party, The Party. All PDRM core citizens have mandatory privilege to be active member of the Party. All Morloks of PDRM are born in freedom of being Party member. All Party members are comrades.

Aim of every decent comrade of PDRM is:

1) prepare for war for peace on enemy territory

2) fight for freedom of other creatures [on enemy territory]

3) bring peace everywhere, even if it requires force

fac1 troopsBs2

This is troop tree of PDRM.

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