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Game overview, please join my discord for game release and all updates!

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Discord: Discord.gg

What is Artemishea?

Artemishea is a open world survival game where players are grouped into a world of other players and they must either be prey or predator. No matter which one you pick they will have their strengths and weakness. Elks are faster than Moose, Moose are stronger than Elks, So on and so forth. As a predator you hunt down other online players within this map.

Work together to take down some larger ones. Leopards can't handle a moose on their own, but in a pack, the tables turn. The game is being developed on a realism standard. So therefore if you fall the player will go limp and hit the ground, depending on how far you fall or the angle at which you land depends on the injuries you will get. Broken bones such as:

Ribs (Player is less mobile and has less Stamina)

Leg/Ankle (Player cannot run or move quickly)

Neck (Player lays for a duration of time before they die to the injury)

Note: Injuries can also be inflicted during attacks, such as bleeding or even broken bones. These features are yet to implemented and will be put in later down the line.

Players can drown within Rivers/Lakes if they have very little stamina or run out of Stamina while idling within the water. Will be implemented upon release.

There is also a chat system in place too for groups so players can coordinate attacks or talk to other players within their herd or pack. Aswell as a Global chat so players can talk to anyone of any specie.

The game will include server hosting documentation so anyone can start their own server with their own rules. You can form a discord for your server and build up your own community.

There will be various gamemodes, when the game is released there will be just one, That will be sandbox which will allow you to choose any animal you wish to play as. Later on there will be a progression system where you work your way up to a higher tier animal, and then there will be a growth system where you just select the specie and grow from baby to adult.

Again, this is meant to have realistic gameplay so with that said there is plenty more features to come. I want to keep the scope small and simple for the time being and work it out as we move along with the game.

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