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OOH is a platformer game where you can walk, jump, climb by ropes, fight with sword and different special attacks based on soul power.

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OOH is a platformer game where you can walk, jump, climb by ropes exploring levels with the aim of get out alive.
Basic moves:
-Jump Attack

Some features:
-Collecting special attacks
-Collecting items

Graphics will have a retrogame taste, an oldschool feeling ingame will make you remember of Nes and Genesis titles like Castlevania, Sonic, Chacan and so on.

Special bonus and attacks:
-Life power
-Soul power
-Vertigo Attack
-lightning attack
-Evil hands attack
-Fireball attack

You can collect bonus and attacks playing the game, when you perform a special attack or a life bonus your soul power will decrease and will encrease slowly (or using a soul power bonus)

Finally there is a Score counter, and depending on how many points you'll realize some different endings.

This is basicly what the game will be, maybe i'll add some more infos in the next weeks.
Sorry for my bad english friends!

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