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A list of all the optional mods currently in the mod.

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Included in our mod package are weapons that you can pick out and add at your own leisure. These are purely optional and don't alter the actual game play, just the cosmetics and sounds (except for the WIP Kamehameha mod, see below). Included in the pack so far are:

  • 2 New Sledgehammer designs. (Cloud/Zack's Buster Sword or Tidus's Caladbolg, CP1 adds Buster Sword sounds.)
  • 2 New Assault Rifle designs. (Halo assault rifle or Laguna's Machine Gun, CP1 adds Machine Gun sounds.)
  • 1 New Double Barrel shotgun. (Irvine's double shotgun from Final Fantasy VIII)
  • 1 New Remington 870 Shotgun design. (Halo)
  • Kamehameha Wave cannon replacement. (Viper45, Still WIP - CHANGES SP/CO-OP GAMEPLAY, BE AWARE. Make sure your friends know you are using this and coordinate. Safe for versus play.
  • 1 New set of First Person Arms, based on Master Chief from Halo.

Content Patch 1 also adds 3 new menu variations to choose from, you can see examples of the changes in this post: Forums.seriouszone.com

And lastly CP1 also adds an "Underwater Sounds Improved" mod that's recommended for Blitzball Stadium and general play, which changes the default underwater effects to sound less bassy and loud and adds custom sounds for diving in and getting out of water.

For instructions on installing these mods and their compatibilities with each other, please see the readme or "compatibilities.txt" included in the optional folder.

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