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Features: Open-World, Sandbox, 2D-Top-Down, Items & Weapons, Map-Editor

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A huge completely accessible island with lots of areas like towns, villages, forests, swamps, ...

Destroy and change everything you can see. Destroy houses, cut down trees, build defenses, ... use your fantasy

Enjoy your journey from the classical top-down view and discover a world with hundreds of objects and landscapes which were created on my own

Items and Weapons
Find tons of items like, apples, cans, water bottles, watches and tools. Collect an unbeatable arsenal of weapons with axes, pistols, guns and automatic weapons. Equip lots of clothes like jeans, boots or defend yourself with heavy tactical wests and helmets.

Map Editor
Create your own Maps for your individual journey on VIRUS Island.

Easy to add other languages. The game will release in German and English.

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