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This version of the demo has been patched to more easily support linux. All game files are now lower case, and the game has been tested as running fairly bug free in Linux. Some small improvements have been made.

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from our new programmer z33ky:

I modified some parts of the crosshairs to be very slightly more thick (kshatriya_crosshairs.ttf), otherwise they wouldn't render properly. Finally I compiled Mapbase for Linux. I intermittently submit patches to fix the Linux build. For Neotokyo Kshatriya I added two minor fixes on top of Mapbase: Properly removing the alt-fire for the shotgun and AR2 & suppressing auto-switching to new weapons in the midst of combat.
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And the env_instructor_hint fix when loading a savegame. I expect this one will eventually land in regular Mapbase though; I already submitted a patch on their GitHub: Github.com

These changes are for the Linux version only.

Download the linux version here! (.tar.gz)

Would have put it in files but I guess ModDB won't upload a tar archive

UPDATE the archive has been fixed


Oh, was the alt-fire not planned to be included?

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For the demo some alt-fire modes (shotgun & AR2) are just removed. We'll include different modes than vanilla HL2 in the full version.

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