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Summary of the newest features, and a new official gameplay trailer!

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There's a lot happening in Nordicandia lately.
With the latest major release 0.4.0, we've transitioned from 2D to 3D levels, including worlds for the Town, Golem, Niflheim Portals and regular dungeons.

We've chosen 3D because it allows us to easier implement more advanced features like procedural worlds, advanced lighting effects, and simply because it looks a lot cooler!

I thought we'd show a new gameplay trailer that covers most of the new worlds and features, here it is!

In the upcoming patch 0.4.2, you'll also be able to inspect players on the leaderboard, refer your friends where both you and your friend is rewarded, and many other improvements.

We have big plans for the future, join us on Discord to keep up with the development of Nordicandia!

Nordicandia is currently in a beta stage, and you can try it out on the platform of your choice:

Google Play Store: Bit.ly
iOS TestFlight: Testflight.apple.com
Steam: Get a code on our Discord
Website: Nordicandia.com
Twitter: IterativeStudi1
Join us on Discord: Discord.gg

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