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I just wanna share with you some new features, for example a new skin shader and the ability to buy and sell skins for the characters.

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I modified the shader of the skin to make it a bit more pleasing and add some "depth".

This was the old shader:

ternion screen 20220124171035

This is the new one:

ternion screen 20220124170956

You might see no difference, but there is a difference, indeed!

The new shaders adds a rim effect that increases the sense of depth, mostly when the characters are in shadow or in places with very flat lighting.

detail skin

Another nice thing I wanted to share are the clothes shops.

There will be a few clothes shop in the main campaign, and there you will be able to obtain custom skins. These skins will be visible during free movement, battles and cutscenes. It's possible that there will be some clipping issues since the animations are the same for each skin, but I'll try to test the game with them so there won't be too much of it!

Also it's very easy for me to create a skin, since I use MakeHuman, so eventually I will be able to make a lot of them in the future.

ternion screen 20220124171510

Of course you can sell them if you're low on money. Is it also possible that a skin you bough in a planet has a greater value in another planet? Sure! Of course the value decreases once you sell it. But what if not...?


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