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Up until now, you only could create a launcher project by platform but game developers have reported to us that they need to create more than one launcher configuration by platform. For example, you want to create a game to Android platform and need to have a launcher configuration named “AndroidSmartphone” and another launcher configuration named “AndroidHD” with high resolution textures. This is now possible with the new profile system.

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Now, when you create a project you can select which platforms will be supported. It will then create a default profile launcher by platform:

But if you want to add an additional profile launcher to the same platform, you can use Project Properties Dialog from Edit menu (Edit -> ProjectProperty)

There, exists a launcher project in your launchers folder and a solution file by profile.

You can configure different launcher projects with different icon resolutions, game description etc. And as you can see on the Project Properties Dialog, you can configure two compression formats by profile.

Important. You don’t need to change the default compression format configuration in a majority of cases, but if you want to set up a custom configuration, you should pay attention to the following table:

After you have set up your project properties, you can set different parameters by asset (textures, sounds, spritesheets, cubemaps, fonts or models) and by profile. For example, if you add a texture named “floor.png” to Asset Details Panel and double click on it to open Asset Viewer tool you will see:

Now you have a tab panel by profile and “Default” tab that will be used by all profiles if they don’t have their own configuration. In this example, you can see two Android tab (AndroidSmartphone and AndroidHD profiles respectively). You can override default parameters configuration click on override checkbox on the profile tab:

In the output format parameter you can set the appropriate pixel format and you can use compression formats settled on the Project Properties Dialog. Only the properties inside of the profile tab can be modified by profile so there are some parameters such as “ZipCompress” that are configured globally.

According to the asset type you can set different parameters by profile (AssetViewer with a sound asset):

This new profile system provides more flexibility to game development and allows game developers more control to their games which can better adapt to all types of devices.

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