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It's no Hamilton, but there's a dozen songs with vocals in The Godkiller - Chapter One. What the heck am I doing?

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I wrote a song and sent it off to Kyle Chrise, actor for Billy, one of the main characters in The Godkiller. I asked him to record vocals for it. Now, Kyle is an actual musician who has been in some bands (Still Rebel, Teenage Prayers). So I was a bit nervous about sending him my unworthy music. But he’s a good sport, and agreed to do it.

Here’s the lyrics for Billy’s painfully precious “When Is It Time for Me” song.

I’ve been waiting,
While they’re hating
All the ways
I’m better than them.
A very great thing.
My moment
When I ascend.
The flower blooms
The butterfly emerges
The lover grooms
The geyser surges.
If there’s a time for them
Then I ask you when…
When is it time for me?

The song is somewhat a spoof on a theme that’s used in seemingly every Disney/Dreamworks animated movie. In these movies, there’s some unique snowflake of a character that’s not quite fitting in. And by end of the movie, the underdog misfit has become the hero of their village/world/anthill. And not despite their quirky behaviors, but because of them.

Except in Billy’s case, he’s an untalented bureaucrat with a festering bitterness. He is the worst combination of ambition and ineptitude.

2021-04-19 10.35.41

Part of the reason I wanted this new song is that I need one or two more with vocals/lyrics so there isn’t a dry patch in the last third of the game. Ideally, characters in the game are going to sing you a song every few hours of gameplay. Some people won’t like the songs at all, but they can just turn them off or skip past them quickly.


There’s a dozen songs with vocals written for the game. So it will be like playing a game that is also a musical. Weird, huh?

Here is the finished song from Kyle, who did an awesome job with the tricky task of singing in a character voice. Not sure if it will embed on Indiedb, but if not, then just click the link below to hear a silly song.


Should I post more music from the game? Lemme know.

The Godkiller - Chapter 1 on Steam. Wishlist it, baby!

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