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From the Nerzad Ape to the Gibbering Maw, Realmstone is filled with all manner of creatures out for your blood.

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Monsters are mostly found in lairs and camps through the global. Defeating monsters yields experience points and other forms of loot that may be spent purchasing upgrades and hiring stronger champions.


The Land of Parnassus is roamed by enormous bats that spreads plagues and diseases. While bats are not the toughest of foes, they are very aggressive when cornered.


Bears are powerful brutes with the ability to hold their prey locked in place, this can prove especially fatal for light armored adventurers.

Bog People

Swamp Walkers are the undead of naturally preserved swamp corpses. Many of them slain or sacrificed then dumped in the swamp. These cursed being drags whoever dares enter their domain down into the mud so that they later on may join their ranks.


Bugbear are large goblinoid creatures quite capable of breaking every bone in your body.


Crawlers are subterranean flesh-eating humanoids. These cave dwelling degenerates were once prehistoric cave men who evolved and adapted to the cave environment. Like bats they are almost blind, but rely on sense of smell and hearing to hunt their prey.


Dragonkin have purer blood than lizard folk, a few have even inherited some of the magical powers of the dragons.


Elementals are supernatural beings invoked by the 5 elemental planes of magic (Wyld, Ether, Shadow, Light and Urge) and have an appearance consistent with the element they originate from. Though often very strong, elementals can be governed by powerful mages.


Goblins worship the Wyld and are most often found in forests, they are quite vicious and often accompanied by various beasts. Their shamans seem naturally able to bend the Wyld in ways that would take a sage years to learn.


These small dragonkin offer little challenge but are quite vicious, fighting them might yield inspiration in how to hit where it hurts the most.

Lizard Folk

Lizard Folk are large reptilian humanoids who live in barbaric tribes. They are proud and fierce warriors who believe that their bloodline descends from ancient dragons. They are arrogant and hostile towards anyone not of their own kind except for Dragonkin whom they revere and worship.


Minotaurs are the unnatural offspring of man and beast. Ferocious animals of incredible strength known for their violent natures. They are very powerful enemies. Avoid them!


Big brutes known for their lust for violence, Orcs can be found all over the world and are reputed for having a strong affinity for Urge magics.


Spiders are large agile predators. Due to their large size they often hide in dark shadowy places waiting for their prey to approach attacking them with paralyzing or venomous attacks. One does not want to suffer the fate of being a spider's meal.


Few creatures are as hard to put down as the trolls, these lumbering giants have amazing regenerative capabilities and pack quite a punch. Luckily they are slow and dimwitted. Some are rumored to be almost immune to magic.


Wolves are quick and powerful but rather easy to put down. They are very dangerous in packs and can easily overwhelm the unwary adventurer.


Zombies are a plague upon the land, unburied corpses sometimes spontaneously rise from their graves to go searching for living flesh. This is especially common in areas where shadow energies are strong.


Skeletons are quite weak but hard to put down, the necromantic shadow energies that binds them are difficult to destroy.


Humans are a varied lot, from the common thug to the wasp witch to the ember knight. Humans are spread throughout the world, from the lowest to the highest positions of power. Fighting humans often yield insight into new fighting techniques and weapon advancements.

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