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The game has the possibility to install various modules on your ship. Today, there are the following types of modules.

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The game has the possibility to install various modules on your ship. Today, there are the following types of modules: battle, boarding, engine, reactor, mining, command, torpedo and general type.
Each type of module works differently and has its own specifics.

Reactors generates energy and damages the ship and its crew when detonated

Boarding modules starting the boarding capsule (the better module have larger capsule)

Mining modules launch mining drones, which will be directly extracting ore

Command allow the activation of Tactical Mode

Combat modules can be regular (consuming ammunition but requiring little energy) and energy (not needing ammunition but requiring a lot of energy).

Some modules carry a limited amount of consumables (e.g. the mining module carries a limited number of mining drones). For resupply and repair modules that have been damaged in battle, you will need to fly to your station or to some traders.
The modules are installed in the relevant ship's slots. Each hull has its own number of slots for modules. Please note that a ship, for example, may not have a torpedo module slot.

Most of the modules require energy (e.g. weapons or engines), and if your ship lost the reactor, they may shut down. However, each ship's hull generates a small amount of energy on its own, and sometimes its enough.

Some modules have activated ability - for example, the engines can increase the ship's maneuverability for a short time, the boarding module can start the capsule and the command module allows you enter to Tactical Mode.

Each faction has its own modules, for example, the pirates often use the modules of the Earth Federation, but they are always rusty and not groomed. And the fraction of robots "Executor" has a unique design and characteristics of modules that exceed the characteristics of standard modules of the Earth Federation. The "Executor" modules are not compatible with Earth Federation ships.

Here you can find only a small overview of some of the modules. Today, there are more than 30 modules. It is planned to add a very large number of modules of existing types as well new types of modules (e.g. Mining laser, Drone guard storage, Electronic Warfare modules).

You can participate in the development of new modules. Write in comments what types of modules you would like to see!

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