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A quick look at our leading mermaid, Keena, who despite her unassuming appearance is a powerful mage.

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Keena, the smallest trident warrior!

Keena Sculpt

Miuratale's leading mermaid is Keena, the young adult who starts her journey far from home, and completely out of her element.

Spending most of her time since childhood taking care of her pods youngest "pups" Keena has had very little excitement in her life, but tons of work, and chaos trying to manage the high energy ruffians, who all see her as an older sister.

Keena has a twin brother and a younger sister, and likewise, she has to take care of them as well. Keena's parents, being "Seekers" are never home and she was beginning to feel like her life was stuck being the ever-present baby sitter.

In the video above you can see the development from her first initial sketch, to her more detailed sprite, to the final 3D model we feature in the game and cutscenes.

Keena's personality doesn't line up with most other, free spirited, mermaids. She's caring and gentle, often missing punchlines and jabs, and the butt of the joke of pups who love her reactions to their antics, but her dependable nature leaves nearly everyone in the pod relying on her at some point.

Keena Ref 1

Keena's design was to contrast the often blue background of the sea, with her calming blue glow coming in later on, as a sign of her magical prowess once she's attained the Trident. Her antenna are cosmetic, and are a common feature of the Miura mermaids.

Keena, as a caster, utilizes her trident as a wand to empower her latent magical abilities, and casts powerful spells with it.

Keena Ref 2

Though Keena might be an unassuming hero, she's used to doing whatever is necessary to keep things working, a busy bee, she used to hustling and always does her best, no matter how tired she often feels.

I hope you'll enjoy travelling along side our lead mermaid in 2024!

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Keena, and all of the characters in the game were designed by Nemi over on Twitter, you can follow her over here : Twitter.com

Thank you for reading and I'll see you next time!



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