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A brief article explaining the mission system in Void of Darkness

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Hi guys, I recently added assignments/missions to the game, although the final decision on how you receive them has not yet been made, I just wanted to introduce one of the enemies which you will encounter in these missions.

Marauders are similar to pirates, however, they have a technology which makes them invulnerable to warp inhibitors. They will specifically hunt civilian ships running trade routes and generally prey on non military ships.

This mission was to escort a civilian ship at high warp, through dangerous territory.

Escorting a civilian ship

Once they have detected a viable target they will move to intercept at warp. If you are patrolling the trade route yourself or as part of an assignment, you will have to defend the civilian ship while fighting off the marauders at high warp. Engaging in combat at these speeds, and trying to protect the fragile civilian ship, can make for some intense moments. If you really want it to reach its destination that is.

Other nearby military ships which are patrolling, will also respond to their presence and will end up basically trying to help you. If you have acquired the warp inhibitor, it still won't work on the marauders, which makes just trying to disable their warp engines and leaving them behind, not an option when you encounter them.

Missions will involve being asked to defend space stations, escorting ships, transporting cargo, or hunting particularly troublesome pirate groups down.

In terms of missions, it has not yet been decided whether you will receive them periodically from your central command or whether you can opt to take them from a list. I am leaning more towards receiving them from central command but with the option to decline them if you wish. If you have an opinion on which way you prefer, please chime in! It will be taken into consideration.

Engaging Marauders with the aid of a patrolling Eurian cruiser



Thanks for reading!

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