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They say there's no "I" in "Team". They also say it takes a village to raise a child. A video game is no different, even if it was all handcrafted by one person!

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First Teaser

So here we are. Or I am. Or something. My name is Kevin Aktug, and I'm currently in the process of graduating with my Bachelor's Degree. For the past 20 weeks or so, I've been developing Peril on Monster Island 2 1/3 on my own, as an extension of my Demo Reel. Unfortunately with a Demo Reel, it's difficult to showcase all of a person's skills in a minute-long timeframe, especially if their skillset extends beyond just modeling and texturing, or animation. With that, Peril on Monster Island 2 1/3 was born.

Main Menu Screen

Originally, the story was vastly different, though, I don't want to discuss any details of that here. As I continued working on the project, I shelved the original storyline, realizing this new concept was taking the form of a prequel to the original idea. At the time of initial design, I was really interested in putting together a game that paid tribute to the people and genres that originally influenced my choice to take up game design. Examples being Ron Gilbert/Tim Schafer and the Adventure/Dungeon Crawl genres. At the time, Double Fine's massive kickstarter hadn't happened, nor had Legend of Grimrock been announced. After both of those events, a lot of the game's direction changed so as not to encroach on the ideas those big hitters set forth (in hopes of avoiding accusations of plagiarism). A lot of iterations went into the project. I think I probably scrapped 2 or 3 different games altogether in the process, each time building from the ground up (this is where the 2 1/3 misnomer comes from. Well, that and my affinity for The Naked Gun trilogy!). Development was also slow as every facet of the game was handcrafted by myself. While I had input from other very good friends along the way on design decisions and ideas, all the labor (modeling, texturing, lighting, animating, writing, etc, etc) was done by myself, and myself alone. I'm very fortunate that the Unreal Development Kit is so user friendly, otherwise this project would have taken years for me to complete (I'm no programmer, nor do I pretend to be!)

As of today, June 5, 2012 the game is very, very much near completion. As I write, I am finalizing and committing the current build as a last Beta release for a core group of reliable QA guys to mess with before I finally slap the GOLD sticker on it!

In the meantime, if anyone's interested I've been keeping a development blog over at Kmagameguy.blogspot.com during the game's development (possibly maybe minor/major spoilers?). Alternatively, if reading bores you, my channel at twitch.tv (https://www.twitch.tv/kmagameguy) has an archive of past screencasts of development days. For any further information, check out my homepage at Kmagameguy.com!

Anyway, I think that's enough shameless self-promotion for now, back to building! I've got a deadline to meet!

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