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Gallery of multi-legged vehicles made in Dieselpunk Wars.

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When we added mechanical legs to our game, we didn’t realize their potential for making nature-inspired vehicles.

Orange Scorpio vehicle machine Dieselpunk Wars

Scorpion was our first animal-like creation. We loved it, you like it, this was definitely what we had hoped to achieve!

Red Crab vehicle machine Dieselpunk Wars
Red Crab vehicle machine Dieselpunk Wars

Then there was a crab. We even updated its look, realizing that a spotting block could make some mean-looking eyes! This crab knows what you did...

Bee vehicle machine Dieselpunk Wars
Black Ant vehicle machine Dieselpunk Wars
Black Fly vehicle machine Dieselpunk Wars
Green Mantis vehicle machine Dieselpunk Wars

Afterward, our imagination went even further. We created a mantis and used reflectors and glass blocks for its eyes. Our mechanical insect even got robotic limbs that enable it to move its drills up and down.

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