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Magicite's awesome 2D pixel art, permadeath, multiplayer, and crafting system are but a few of the main features!

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Here are some of Magicite's main features:

+Random Character Generation
+Town Customiztion & Upgrades
+Character Customization
+Epic Boss Battles

Magicite is going to be an addicting 2D RPG in which you venture out into randomized instances with your character to slay epic monsters and collect loot. These items and materials can be returned back to town and converted into resources, allowing for town upgrades and unlocking access to new gameplays features. For example merchants can be unlocked by upgrading the town's level. Merchants offer random items when players return to town, but the higher the Merchant level, the higher the chances of rarer items appearing.

This system goes for all NPCs. And don't worry, the town will remain the same upon character death. When you create a new character you will be able to access the chests that your previous characters stored their items in.

Players can team up and fight epic monsters that take up half the screen and provide a lot of challenges. Fans of the Monster Hunter series will see similarities.

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