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Volume 2: Civilian Life. The second lore article detailing the Frontier World of Hyperborea.

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Volume 2: Civilian Life

Civilian Life on Hyperborea Prime is limited, harsh, and at constant battle with the bitter winters that claim the lives of the old and young alike. The weather on the planet wears away at machinery with it's torrential downpours, and brutal frosts which cause vehicle parts to freeze up and seize. The settlers on Hyperborea Prime have none-the-less managed to carve out small settlements for themselves, composed of wooden cabins surrounded by thick palisades to keep out marauding natives and the Dire Wolves which hunt in packs as small as 4, to as large as 100. Those that live on the frontier and outskirts of towns are typically hunters that live in a similar way to their urban counterparts. The chosen style of settlement for ruralites -- Known as a khutir -- is composed of a singular wooden lodge, surrounded by palisade walls. Those that live on the rural frontiers of Hyperborea are also known to be exceptional horsemen, and breed large horses said to be of ancient Terran origins, supposedly preserved for tens of millennia by breeders of these exceptional animals.

The Settlers of Hyperborea Prime are devout followers to the Cult Imperialis, but their homeworld and isolation from the greater Imperium of Man has shaped their worldview. The settlers have developed superstitious myths, attributing the 'Frostfall' to a dark Primordial god which inhabits the mountains of the planet, a belief they share with the Native inhabitants.

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