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Apollyon - Assigned name for a Earth like Exoplanet. The Setting for GearStorm. (Technical note: Apollyon orbits a G-Type star similar to Sol and Tau-Ceti and is thought to be within 20 LY of Earth.)

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Rhinolophe - A more aggressive and capable herbivore. Typically not combative unless threatened.

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Scorpax - An arthropod like creature that is highly aggressive and territorial. A good source of protein.


Raptrax - A highly armored raptor-like predator. They travel in packs and are aggressive when hungry.

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Tyrax - Apollyon's alpha predator. A Tyrannosaurus- like creature that is heavily armored and lethal.

Sandwyrm - Another massive predator that lives under the sands in the desert. This creature can also spray a mist of acid to incapacitate its prey. Phage - There are several stages of infected humans known as the phage.The Phage is a virulent genetically-engineered biological weapon that weaponized the infected into rageful bio-mechanical horrors that spread the plague and death. Released on Earth, the unstoppable Phage spread like wildfire through man and beast alike. With no way to undo what was done, the remnants of humankind retreated into bunkers, or walled cities, and fortresses. But even these, one by one fell to the Phage.


Phage - An engineered nano-virus that infects humans, transforming them into aggressive,zombie-like monsters.

Vanguard - First Colonization Ship leaving Earth orbit in 2185. Initially commissioned by the ICA. The trip of the Vanguard takes over 1400 years. It is the ship last to arrive. Trailing some more advanced settlements by centuries. Vanguard is driven by a 2nd Gen Nuclear Pulse Drive

Exomarine - Soldiers of the Vanguard. Bio-engineered and cybernetically enhanced. Their primary goal is to establish, maintain and protect colonies on Apollyon.

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The Factions

International Colonization Alliance (ICA) - A cooperative of government and private agencies founded in 2129 with the original intent of exploration.

Earth Defense Initiative (EDI) - Circa 2350 Power on Earth is consolidated into a one world government. The EDI launched several colonization attempts and created large military settlements. Some of these colonies still remain but overall the EDI has splintered into local tribes and large sections of these settlements are in ruin.

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Martian Science Foundation (MSF) - Circa 2420 mostly scientific expeditions. Small colonies were established. Some of which are still in operation.

Sol-Terra Expedition (STE)- Not much is known about this expedition. Settlements date back to somewhere around the 27th century. And was the first known expedition to arrive on Apollyon. No known survivors of this expedition remain on Apollyon. But advanced technology remains in ruins scattered throughout the map.

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