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Indie - MMO - RPG - OnLine - browser game project called BUKKAKU is always moving and for now in basic development. Therefore we will be happy if you support us by giving us Like, sharing or subscribe our channels. Every moment we will bring some news about the project and other things. Also we welcome any feedback. We are preparing elements from various places around the world for the game.

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In the game you will have a choice between greater number of masks for fight and protection. Because of that you character will be created. Each mask will have its own pros and cons and will have great influence on your character.

Bukkaku Is A Fighting Game That Brings The “Kawaii”

Look To Mexican Art

You ll also be able to modify the look of your character. “Some characters will remind bugs and insect in general, others will resemble cute animals like owls and cats. You will be able to create and modify your own character with unique mask,” the game creator says.

Thanks to Chris Priestman for nice article.

Yes, it might look a bit like controversial name. Take it as our unofficial statement, that there is no sexual context. However we expect to fight this the entire time. The word “Bukkaku” is (surprisingly) Japanese for “Buddhist temple”. Or was it intentional? You will know in time for sure... -RZE

Reaction to games name on siliconera.com :D

Following comment provides best description:

CthulhuGuhl: Bukkaku (打っ欠く) is actually a word, for anyone wondering. It means “to break into pieces / to chip off”. Fitting for the way the characters break into pieces in that art style.

If you re wondering why it sounds so similar to bukkake (which so many of you have already pointed out), its because its actually derived from the same root (bukkake is 打っ掛け). The first kanji (打)means “strike” or “suddenly”.


more on blog.rzestudio.cz

Visit official blog for news from new project...

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