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We're getting right into the new features coming to you in 0.9, and wow, there's a ton!

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Hey guys! Somber here, coming at you with tweaks and newly added features to KD that you'll be able to check out when the demo drops. Let's jump right in!

Spikes have been added to the game, don't be careless in places with little to no light or you may regret it..

bandicam 2016 09 16 17 22 18 791bandicam 2016 09 16 17 22 20 599

Health.. & Stamina!
Here we have our Stamina bar, certain strenuous actions will cost stamina. No stamina? no bueno.

bandicam 2016 09 16 17 21 51 577

Enemy targeting, Alignment Aura , DODGING?! & SHIELDS!?

Shields have been added to the game, players can now equip a shield and hold right click to block. On the flip side, if you do not choose to wield a shield, you can dodge by tapping right click before an enemy attacks to dodge and flip away. You can adjust how far you fly by tapping a directional key to stop, or leap as far as possible by only tapping right click.
Enemy targeting has been added. You can now target/untarget the nearest enemy to see details.
Alignment Aura has been added, and shifts depending entirely on your immediate & long term interactions within the world. 50 > will grant you a blue aura with a halo, while -50 < will net you this red aura with horns protruding from your forehead.

bandicam 2016 09 16 17 28 48 463

bandicam 2016 09 16 19 27 32 315

[Here I'm in air & I've just dodged an attack and let myself leap the maximum distance away from the enemy. ]

bandicam 2016 09 16 19 27 40 677

[Here an enemy has attacked me whilst advancing, but because I have a shield equipped

I was able to block the attack; From here I have the option to quickly attack back, or retreat.]

Enemy imminent action [!]

Enemies will now show an exclamation mark above their heads after they have attacked and are preparing to attack again. Each enemy is different and may show it a few seconds before an attack, or a split second before attacking. Paying attention to imminent action popups will help you survive in the long run, use them to your advantage!

bandicam 2016 09 16 19 27 17 323

[Two enemy soldiers preparing to strike, as shown by an imminent action popup [!] ]

Factions color now shown over head:

Little colored circles above NPCs heads represents the faction they are in, this comes in handy when you've decided to raid a village and there's a bunch of soldiers on screen.

bandicam 2016 09 16 19 40 15 650

Village Additions.


A flag will be present in any territory you own, allowing you to..
Rename your faction at any given time.
Select faction flag color.
Adjust the amount of tax you impose on your villagers.
See the amount of villagers we currently have.

Food, Water & Morale:

Everyone needs food and water, right? right.
You've now got to keep up with your villagers supply and demand of these two resources, or your people will lose faith in you and morale will drop.
You can acquire food from farming/butchering, and gather water at a well or source of fresh water.
If morale drops below 0, you may begin to lose villagers, make new enemies, or be at the unfortunate end of an assassination attempt.

bandicam 2016 09 16 18 03 50 148

[Gathering water from the well]

Farming Improvements:

Farming has been revamped to an extent. Areas that you can farm in will now be highlighted with a green box, start out as dirt and require you to plant seeds. Unless otherwise stated, the seed will always grow the intended plant. When the plant has finished growing, the area will revert back to dirt, allowing the process to be repeated.

bandicam 2016 09 16 17 59 54 635

[Dirt, unseeded, dirt highlighted with action button popup,
dirt with seeds progressing to next stage & barley growing]

Supply Crates, Tiers & Guardtowers.

bandicam 2016 09 16 17 40 27 675

[LAIR - Morale is -97.10 and I have 0 Villagers in my faction here. Food supply is shown above

the food barrel, and the crates next to it are for supplies and upgrading your villages defenses(Tiers)]


Tiers will determine a villages defensive position. Higher tier, better weapons, armor, and defenses for your entire army. Newly acquired territory will start out at Tier 0, with villagers being peasants and very weak but can be upgraded with enough resources at the supply crates spawned in every faction camp.

bandicam 2016 09 16 18 06 55 925

bandicam 2016 09 16 18 06 56 802

bandicam 2016 09 16 18 07 09 940bandicam 2016 09 16 18 07 33 633

[Guard towers will attack any enemy within range with arrows, tower depends on village tier]



bandicam 2016 09 16 18 31 00 214


bandicam 2016 09 16 18 23 08 664


bandicam 2016 09 16 18 24 09 712


bandicam 2016 09 16 18 28 49 130


bandicam 2016 09 16 18 30 02 894


bandicam 2016 09 16 17 22 20 599 1

bandicam 2016 09 16 18 26 20 374

+ more:

inventory system - collect and keep items.
Resources now respawn, you no longer need to reload a room for resources to repopulate level.
New Pine and Snowy pine trees added.
New Weapon Types Added
- Crossbow
- Ninja Stars
- Daggers
- Maces
Weapon switches to tools when next to gatherable resources

bandicam 2016 09 16 19 27 02 476bandicam 2016 09 16 19 27 04 926

Fixed houses
Changed Player house
Changed Shop
Added stables for pets and pet taming mechanic
Players may now sprint using SHIFT on PC.
Knockback tweaked
Humanoid enemies may now block and dodge attacks.
Controls on PC changed. [ WASD + mouse ]
Personal home, shop and stables can be acquired at any village.
Caravans added to the game, deliver trading goods or escort others to different places!
Enemy attacking has been tweaked - No longer hurt from JUST colliding.
Dying in village territory will instantly result in you losing said village - a King must not fall amongst his people or risk losing them.
Treasure chests have been added and will randomly spawn around the world and in dungeons!
Location is now persistent - players will no longer spawn only at fixed position, but based on where they come in/leave through.
Tweaked gravity.
Fixed AI not being able to climb ladders.
Added combat/non-combat mode. "Q" on pc
Added designated action button on pc "E" by default.
Water added, player can interact with water, swim, drown, etc.
Tweaked potions+ added stamina potion - Players can now collect them in inventory and decide when to use them by right clicking.

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