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The world of mandana, but what is it? that is something we will not tell you during our development. ! But we can safely say that this game has a 50+ hour story ! from cold hard epic battles, love scenes, hatred to fun. basicly everything is already set, but we need your help, your guidance for some things.

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like the topic says, its your turn, your turn to have a important input on this project.
every ones in a while we will ask a few questions, and its up to you if we shall do it or not.

so here are the first couple of questions.

1, = shall we make boss battles epic? (intromovie of bossbattle, and a scene where you the player kills the boss? )

2, = Should resting fully restore your HP and MP ? and cures all status effects like poison?

3, = Will the player recieve extra bonusses if gaining a level? ( like extra defense + 5 or items)

4, = Are bonus levels, extra newgame+ a must? ( like player keeps items and spells and extra things are unlocked? )

5, = and as final, how many different magic spells do you want to have? at the moment we have 30 magic spells.

Well that was it for now. next time we will ask questions about levels and variation of enemies.
And we will listen to your input ! and we will do anything to make this project fun for everyone.

blackmodeler - - 1,015 comments

1,4,5 I dont mind whatever is decided, neither of the
possible outcomes threaten my joy-o-meter.
As for the rest,
2 -> Absolutely!
3 -> Would be a great plus, I always enjoyed
gaining extra power together with levels (items are good on the other hand attributes are a awesome).

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Mv.Antitribu - - 1,142 comments

Yes to all.

and about the spells, i think you should classify by classes. and only a certain class can pick those spells. gore is an important note that the mod should have. a bloody scene or spells that blow up enemies.

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TheArcpendilum Author
TheArcpendilum - - 161 comments

some high end spells have special animations. for example the Mealstrom bolt. and all enemies are made into several pieces, so when the player hits the enemy pieces will fall off.

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booman - - 3,654 comments

1. Intro movies/cut schenes are over-rated. They looks nice but we want to see everything real-time these days. I say, spend less time rendering movies and more time on actual death animations & game play.

2, The RPG's I have played usually heal health & magic, but not poison. I like the idea as long as it isn't too easy. In Elder Scrolls I would rest every time I needed more health. I am hoping that resting is required to regenerate your health each night. You will have enough health to last you the whole day and have to sleep or use potions to stay alive over night.

3, Ohhh yeah, extra bonus's are great, maybe an option to choose which bonus to receive. Maybe leveling up after resting/sleeping and then optional bonus's to choose from

4, Do you mean expansions? Or unlimited area's to explore? Bonus levels and expansions are a great reward for players who finish the main storyline! Otherwise you can use them as secrets to find.

5, When I play RPG's I usually bulk up with Armor a heafty weapon. I don't use spells as often, but they are a nice option when I need them.
I like poisoning or adding spells to weapons and using health potions.
I think spells NEED to be as powerful as weapons from the beginning. I find myself building up my strength instead of magic abilities.

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