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An introduction to the basic concepts and features of Drone Control.

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The basics

The mining drones gather minerals on the asteroid fields for you. The enemy creates wormholes and sends their ships through them to destroy your drones. You can instantly spawn on any of your drones (thereby replacing it!) so you can instantly get back into the action if your ship gets destroyed.

Your ship has 3 main weapons:

  1. The Gatling Gun fires lots of fast projectiles at the enemy. Best suited for medium range combat.
  2. The Pulse Cannon fires fast projectiles that spread the farther they travel. Best suited for close range combat.
  3. The Rail Gun fires an instant lightning bolt directly at the crosshair and deals more damage the farther the target is away from you. Best for long range combat.

These 3 weapons require ammunition which automatically refills if you:

  • Destroy an enemy
  • Hit an enemy with a dash
  • Hit an enemy with heat seeking missiles

Heat seekers are the 4th weapon. Once locked on they fire multiple missiles in rapid succession at a target. Unless an asteroid or other obstruction is in their way they always hit their target. These missiles are on a fixed cooldown and don't require ammunition.


The enemy will create more and more wormholes so you will get overwhelmed at some point. Unless you use the minerals your drones gather for you to deploy additional helpers:

  • Defense turret: Attacks the nearest enemy that is in its range. Some enemies attack them first so they can get destroyed.
  • Inhibitor: Closes wormholes after a short delay. These should be used on the type of wormhole that sends out more and more enemies after each interval.
  • Slow zone: Slows down enemy movement, their weapon firing rate and even their projectiles, but not you!
  • Singularity: Creates a temporary black hole that pulls every ship (including you!) into it, destroying it.

Each of these deployables can be upgraded as well!

Enemy types

There are 3 types of enemies:

  1. The Harbinger attacks turrets, players and drones (in that priority order). They fire rockets with medium speed and small damage.
  2. The Raven focuses on the player and only attacks drones if the player is defeated at the moment. They fire heat seeking missiles.
  3. The Cyclops ignores the player and bombs turrets and drones (in that priority order) from afar.

The cyclops especially can easily decimate your drones if left unchecked and too many Ravens will chip away at your health over time until you will have to respawn again.


The difficulty of the following aspects can be changed at any time (even during gameplay) in the options menu:

  • Drone mining rate
  • Enemy hit box size
  • Enemy weapon damage
  • Enemy movement speed
  • Enemy maneuverability

A final score will be displayed at the end of each mission, but only if you don't change the difficulty during that mission.

Feel free to leave comments with questions and feedback!

Have fun :)

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