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Description: Mod Scenario: 16. in the century, the Ottoman Empire was ruled by Yavuz Sultan Selim. When you say Europe, Asia, the Arabian Peninsula, will you choose to live and help the Ottoman world, or will you make your way? It's your call, and welcome to an exciting adventure.

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Error: the name of the Lords of the Kingdom has names such as default Boyar, Martial. It is a software error. Trying to unravel.

--------- Error assumed, but not error property -------------

- There's no place on the map. It is not an error. Places will open by visiting.


The Kingdom Of France,
The Kingdom Of Sweden,
The Kingdom Of Spain,
The Kingdom Of Lehistan,
Delhi Sultanate,
Kazakh Khanate,
Aztec Empire,
The State Of Arabia,
Russian Tsardom,
Ottoman Empire,
Mongol Empire,
There are more than 20 states, but they are a lot of states.

Mode Features:

- Brand new items
- Ottoman period of Yavuz Sultan Selim,
- Weapon development feature
- Brand new soldiers for history
- Historical characters,
- A map covering the whole world
- Brand new cities to date
- New animals (elephant, camel, etc.)
- Political Map
- Brand new comrades,
- Naming cities.
- To Establish A Fortress From The Camp
- Raise group morale with prostitutes,
- The quick improvement of the doctor and his soldiers,
- Setting up your military service,
- Castle building system,
- Brand new music
- New sword sounds
- New Sky
- Naval Battles
- Banking System
- Brand new weapons.,
- Brand new shields. ,
- Brand new armor,
- Firearms added to the game,
- Taxing more than your villages, castles, and cities,
- 5 man starting Game removed from Game,
- The ability to donate to cities has been introduced,
- Added to the game of buying troops from cities,
- Transition animations changed,
- Upgrade your weapon with the blacksmith
- New Troop Groups
- The economy of the city has increased and decreased according to caravan entry ...
- If we die in battle, the game continues.
- new battle styles
- New battle groups
- Brand new motion animations
- joining the army
- New options in cities
- New options in villages
- New Menus
- Raise the morale of the soldiers
- Creating your military system
- making your place after establishing a kingdom
- start with the money.
- new face types
- To be able to ask the innkeeper for companions
- Ability to store inventory to the city
- And many more new features

Note: the mode is large because it wants high System Requirements.
Before you start the game, change the Settings section according to the system properties of your computer.
Otherwise, he can make mistakes.Especially 32-bit computers.

Modes Used In Mod Construction:

16.Century Mode
Jihad and Crusaders mode
12.Century Mode
1429 HD Edition mode
Sands Of Faith
Europe 1200
Ottoman Script
15.Century Mode................"Thank You To All Of Them."

Mod producer: "Omar DURMU┼×"

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