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Envy the Dead is hardcore zombie survival roguelike, where you are leading group of unique, randomly generated characters through destroyed city, infested with zombies and bandits.

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Hello everyone! I am really excited to introduce Envy the Dead - new hardcore roguelike survival in FTL-style and announce IndieGoGo campaign!

What this game is about?

The game combines nod-based exploration with random events, similar to games like FTL or Renowned Explorers with Tower Defense based battle mechanics and unique social system. The characters are all randomly generated and they are all have different personalities, skills and traits. Your characters can be injured, infected, killed in battles or in accident. Your supplies of food and medicine are limited, and someone in your group will have to starve so all your group can survive.

During your travel, you can encounter hundreds of different events, in which you can find supplies, fight zombies or meet another survivors. Some events could require hard decisions with life and death consequences. For example: someone in your group was captured by bandits, and you must choose between leaving him to die, risking the whole group and getting him out or trying to trade him for some of your supplies.

Right now I am running IndieGoGo campaign, sp if you like what you see please check it out and support the project!

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