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How To Install and Turn Single country to be fascist while other is following default ideology.

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This tutorial is included in the downloaded files, but i guess it's worth to write it here just in case people missed it.
Here's how to do it :

How to Install, Turn on the mod and play the game:

1. Extract the Files from Fascist World.zip (you can leave the .txt files, copy the fascistworld folder and fascistworld.mod)
2. Copy/Cut the extracted files C:\Users\[Your Username]\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Hearts of Iron IV\mod
3. Open your Hearts of Iron 4 Program (find hoi4.exe in Hearts of Iron 4 local folder or just Click Hearts of Iron 4 on Steam)
4. Click Mods tab on Hearts of Iron 4 Launcher
5. Click Everyone is Fascist
6. Click Play
7. .......
8. Press New Game then choose the scenario (Recommended, 1936... if you're playing 1938/9 scenario, then the mod will be useless)
9. Pick your poison
10. Profit?


Did you know, that you can select certain country(ies) to be fascist while the the rest is following default ideology?

1. Install the mod (You can found the installation step in the downloaded files)
2. Open the mod files in C:\Users\[Your Username]\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Hearts of Iron IV\mod\fascistworld
3. Open history then countries folder
4. you'll see a lot of .txt file there, what you need to do here? Pick you poison for fascist country(ies)
5. After finish selecting your "fascist country(ies)" delete the rest of the .txt files
*if you want to play as Fascist Tibet, then you need to keep TIB - Tibet.txt and delete the rest of other files
** Also work for multiple countries
6. Do the 4-9th steps from installation step above
* the country that you keep the files on the folder should be a fascist coutry while the other is following their historical ideology
7. Profit?

P.S : Don't forget to back up the files before doing this

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