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Welcome to Calradia Awakens. Here I will be giving a general overview of the mod.

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Hello all!

Thanks for checking out the mod page. For now, I recommend checking us out on the Nexus as we will be posting regular updates:


When things are farther along, I will post files here as well.

The winds of change have come to Calradia! A turbulent time of change, awakening, magic, and technology.

This will serve as a modular hub for my various mods.
Phase 1: Items - Phase 2: Kingdom Troops

You can use any part of this mod together or separate. Don't like kingdom troops? Just use the item module.
Only the item module will be required as kingdom troops will use these items.

Phase 1 - Items
I will no longer list them all out as it is safe to say that there are quite a bit included.

In general, they have a few categories:
1. Magic (various spells)
2. Technology (new crossbows, grenades, exploding bolts, barrage arrows, fan of knives, etc)
3. Hybrid Technology (single use scrolls, enchanted spears / swords that act like crossbows and can use enchanted gems which act like spells)
4. Armor / Shields (Robes, floating grimoire, etc)

These will have varying strengths. Some will doe AOE damage, some will pierce multiple enemies, some will ignore shields, etc.

There are several versions of each item, if you see a P# in the name, it usually means that it will fire that many projectiles.
Usually, higher tiers will fire more projectiles.
I.E. Firebolt T1 = Tier 1, 1 projectile - Firebolt T2P3 = Tier 2, 3 projectiles, etc

All items can be found in various settlements, or obtained via cheats.

Note: As I’m limited to the use of meshes/ particle effects / sound / mechanics that are already in game and accessible, many of these
are simply different “flavors” or looks of what are mechanically similar items. Any feed back or suggestions for better sounds/meshes/particle effects would be highly appreciated. Balance suggestions are more than welcome.

Phase 2 - Kingdom Troops
Each kingdom will have a certain theme and eventually, lore. Planned factions are currently:

1. The Imperium of Vlandia: Purity of Man - 1.0.0 Released

A kingdom that relies solely on human ingenuity and technology. They mass produce chain mail and weapons.
Believing their origin to be from foul entities (demons, gods, spirits), they vilify all forms of magic.

Vlandia will be a defensive focused kingdom. You should set up your defensive formations and allow your infantry to form a shield while your bolters and grenadiers take the enemies out. They will primarily make use of infantry, but will have access to crossbow cavalry as well (can reload on horseback).

Basic troops are divided into three lines: Infantry (sword, shield, spear), Alchemist/Grenadier (sword, shield, grenades), and Bolters (crossbows).
Elite troops are also divided into three lines: Officers (sword, shield, crossbow), Purifiers (sword, shield, crossbow, and high tiers will get multi-shot arbalests and explosive bolts), and Scatter-Bolters (sword, shield, crossbow, and scatter bolts).

Troops may look to be heavily equipped, but many are using custom armor that will maintain the chainmail visual with lower armor ratings.
Their equipment and skill should be on par with Empire troops.

This will be launched first, and although balance is needed, remember that they will eventually be doing battle with enemy troops that can hurl fireballs at them.

2. The Aserai Magocracy: Wisdom with Knowledge

I know, I know. In a mod with plenty of magic items, why wasn't this faction first? The main reason is that magic spells are quite over powered right now. I would like to balance them some more, or worst case create custom weaker magic spells for the troops.

This will eventually be the main magic kingdom. Although their focus will be fire, they will have access to other kinds of magic and you will see more magic troops than others. They will be divided into slave troops, and mage over-seers.

3. The Empire: Corruption from Within

The empire, being a collection of various cultures, will have a little bit of everything. They will have magic troops, but they will not be as common as the Aserai.
However, they will make extensive use of the Enchanted Spears, which are "crossbows" that fire magical spells.

4. Sturgia: Chaos in Battle

Sturgia will be the Melee-heavy faction. Their troops will be heavily armored, have a wild / chaos / viking feel, and will make use of spells like Thor's hammer.
If it is possible, I plan to make their troops "larger" than others.

5. Battania: Druids of the Forest

Battania will make use of nature and earth magic. They will also have access to powerful bows and barrage arrows.

6. Khuzait: Power from Within

Still debating on how to implement this faction. Any ideas would be great.
For now, they will follow a similar structure. I plan on giving them much higher athletics and riding stats to simulate enhanced speed and enhanced magic. They will likely use kinetic magic as well. We will see how it goes.


Check it out on Youtube for some examples or check the video section (Outdated version 1.0.5): Youtu.be


Warning: Removing this mod will prevent you from using a save file. Adding this mod back in will allow it to be used again. This is due to the missing items once this mod is removed.
Currently Incompatible: Fire Lord is currently incompatible with this mod. I haven't had time to diagnose the reason, it has something to do with my custom items. I don't know if this is due to the particle effects they have, or the way they are assembled, but unfortunately I would not recommend using it with this.

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