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Post feature RSS Huge new features in Arcbond 0.21!

The month of July was awesome for Arcbond and saw the addition of Hard-Cast spell tech, Channeling spells, enhanced Monster AI, shops, patrols, new quests, minibosses and more

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Because the history of the planet of Tir is deeply rooted in Magic and Spellcasting, spell technology is of the highest priority for Arcbond.

New advancements in the AI enable monsters to heal eachother to make fights more challenging and full of decisions:

New quests and items were added including one that asks you to defeat a miniboss in the woods, one that takes you to a golem-filled cave to retrieve stardust for an important new spell, and one that requires you to stealthily infiltrate a very deadly camp of monsters to save a fellow mage.

New spline based channeling spells video (on Twitter)!!

Some items now have random procedural enchantments, there is a new Drain Life spell, and you will find a new Spell Shop in the town of Sietza to spend all of your gold. Finally, a settings menu was finally added so you can modify graphics, rebind controls, and change sound volumes!

The Locally Sourced Meetup was a lot of fun and it was great to see so many of you in awe of the world and just wandering. The next chance to play Arcbond like that will be at GDEX in Ohio on October 12 ! Join us there 😀💀

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