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This article explains some of the H&G mechanics and features.

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So, you are new to the Honour & Glory? This mod has various new mechanics and features, especially game play related, which distinguish it from Native and other modifications.

Recruitment system

In Native, your troops are mainly recruited from villages. H&G offers the player various options in this matter. Troops are recruited from:

  • Military camps
  • Towns and castles
  • Villages
  • Taverns

Villages provide weak peasant troops, which can be trained only to more experienced peasants. They are divided to melee and ranged troops when upgrading. Perfect for starting your game while fighting with looters, but rather worthless in combat with other lords.

You can recruit regular faction troops in castles and towns. Every town has it's own type of troop and culture. Castles provide cavalry, ranged and special troops, while only regular infantry is recruitable in towns.

Faction military camps provide all possible troops of a faction in one place. Their services aren't free and player should pay 500 ducats to the local captain before the recruitment will be available. There is much more variety of troops there, also they are cheaper than ones recruited in towns/castles.


Honour & Glory provides variety of new quests. They are divided to three groups: random lord quests, special factional quests and NPC quests.

Mod adds some new random quests for lords. Search for strange creatures (which, in fact, are just imagined by villagers), fetch a hidden treasure, convince a band of rebeled deserters to lay their arms and others.

There are some special quests, which are influenced by real history and are given by faction rulers. You need good relations with the ruler to take one. Every quest contains an element of choice, so there are several possible outcomes for each. Only half of these quests are ready - for the Cossacks, Poland, Habsburgs, Muscovy (Russia) and Crimean Tatars. Others will be included in the next version 1.9.1.

NPCs from the taverns can give you some interesting quests too. It is worth visiting every tavern on the map.

Tournaments and Arena Fights

Honour & Glory modifies tournaments and arena fights. Tournaments are now consisting of seven 1vs1 fights, which are fought with the weapons determined by the city - sabres, sword and dagger, halberds, rapiers. Arena fights are changed to group bare fist fights. Good luck with that!

Special Locations

There are some special locations on the global map, which the Player would concern as rather interesting. You can buy salt very cheap at the salt quarry, extract it by yourself or even sell your prisoners there. You can chop wood at the Lumberjack camp, or just buy it from the local woodcutters. Also you can hunt and buy some furs at the hunting camps.

Weapon balance

The weapon balance works quite differently than in other mods. You would need great archery proficiency to make the bow and arrows a worthy weapon.Heavy armours are almost invulnerable to sabres and arrows, so it is better to fight the knights with musket fire and piercing/blunt weapons - pay attention to that and don't tell we didn't warn you.

Other features

You can detach a field army, which will be leaded by one of your troops. Just talk to someone in your party.

Player's right to rule can be increased by bribing the local authorities. Just talk to the mayor and he will use his connections and power to spread the news about your honest claims to power.

Tired to fight your way out when sneaking attempt failed? Just bribe the local guards and they will let you pass the town walls.

Some towns have banks, where you can deposit some money. Actually not so profitable, but it'll surely make your money safe from the looters.


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