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Ever worried about losing your pet one day? Read this article to save your pet behind yourself forever!

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There are thousands of articles and posts about how losing a pet hurts. And as the present statics by Statista organization like the following charts there are lots of pets in Europe, USA and in others.

Ralph Ryback M.D. in his article starts with:

A pet owner’s worst fear is losing a beloved companion. For those who have experienced this loss, there is usually a poignant story to share about a cherished dog or cat’s passing. From one pet owner to another, we understand the intense pain and emptiness that occurs after this loss. There is no correct way to grieve and work through this process, as everyone walks down a different journey with a pet.

One of our main goals to create this videogame was helping this kind of people. This game has an external feature that enables you to add your own pet to this game. We've been provided a platform for everybody to request his/her own pet to make it available in the game as public or private. Also the 2D Artists, 3D Artists, 3D Animators and the Godot Engine Scripters can join the development group as spontaneous developers. For more information, visit the Homey Hero Club.

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