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Here I will explain you how the Great Powers system will be . please read the Description.

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Good day dear Friends
I was discussing about Great Powers system with dear Aria HZ .
First of all I must explain you how and what the great powers system is :

For example a war begins between French Empire and Emirate of Tunis Naturally French Empire is very stronger than Tunis so in the Mod we must do the same thing.
French Soldiers must be more powerful than Tunisians so it will be difficult for Tunisians to Defeat the French army and its more realistic and historical in this way.

Great Powers will be :

Kingdom of Prussia
French Empire
Ottoman Empire
Russian Empire
British Empire
Austrian Empire

Secondary Great Powers :

Spanish Empire
British Colonies
French Colonies
Scandinavian States

Third Great Powers :

Khadivate of Egypt
Shahdom of Iran ( Qajar Dynasty )
Emirate of Afghanistan
Kingdom of Netherlands
Kingdom of Belgium
Kingdom of Portugal
Kingdom of Greece
Kingdom of Romania
Kingdom of Sardina
Kingdom of Two Sicilies

Fourth Great Powers :

Khanate of Khiva
Emirate of Bukhara
Arabian States
Sultanate of Oman
Sultanate of Morocco
Emirate of Tripoli
Emirate of Tunis
Papal States

I hope you will enjoy this System .

Ali Kawoosi


Neat, but what about Austria?

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Kawoos_Mirza Author

oh sorry I forgot to write it :D

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>Prussia at the top
Made me feel good inside.

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Kawoos_Mirza Author

actually its not arranged by their Rank or Alphabet :D

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I figured that, but it still made me feel good inside.

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wow great idea!

if you believe it or not BEFORE Ive read this article, i was thinking about this mod when I was in the bus today and I thought like : " it would be a little weird if 50 shepherds from Central Asia could defeat 50 Prussian Jägers, hopefully they will do something about this"

and now i read this !! hahaha

you made my day, thanks

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