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Post feature RSS Grapple Knight is like the MegaMan Game Capcom refuses to make

After our initial debut on Steam Greenlight, gaming and media website Gaming Blend had this to say about Grapple Knight:

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Once our weekend long gauntlet at EB Expo Sydney was over we finally had enough time to submit Grapple Knight to Steam Greenlight. We hoped to be able to ride our wave of good luck from our experiences at the expo as we moved support for our game from the physical to the virtual realm.

Imagine our surprise upon discovering that someone we had never met before had written an article on their initial thoughts of the game, a small section of the article can be seen below and reads:

GamingBlend wrote: "Red Knight Games has launched their latest side-scrolling 16-bit era-style platforming game on Steam's Greenlight. The cool part about the game is that it's basically like a new MegaMan game without any of the Capcom trolling antics.

While the big blue bomber fans were disappointed with MegaMan's near child-molester antics in Street Fighter X Tekken, they were furious with the cancellation of other titles for Capcom's former mascot, leaving Megaman fans high and dry.

Well, Red Knight Games is aiming to fulfil the void with their own take on the side-scrolling, hack-and-slash, grapple-based action game and it's called Grapple Knight."

Clearly they were quite enthusiastic about what we had so far as was evident by the title, the article gets even more passionate as it goes on, hopefully we will be able to live up to such a bold claim as we hold the MegaMan games very close to our hearts. Be sure to read the entire article by going to their website here at www.cinemablend.com/games/

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