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Post feature RSS Getting Familiar with the Robo Olympics Controls

In order to play the game you meed to learn how to play first and this topic will show you how along with additional info and features.

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The Robo Olympics Game is fairly simple to play at the moment, especially with the current mode in the beta.


  • W or Up Arrow = Move Forward
  • S or down Arrow = Move Backwards
  • A or left Arrow = Turn Left
  • D or Right Arrow = Turn Right
  • Hold Left Mouse Button: Close Gripper
  • Right Mouse Button: Release Gripper

Story:Welcome to Robo Olympics 2 Hosted by Gue Games. Step into the arena with the bodaciously awesome Dropoff. But wait we added a Pre-match mode where you can scan the map before you play so players know what they're up against. But wait this is only the beginning. More Game Modes and features could be on the way if the feedback is great. Pick N' Go Objective:Collect as many pickups as possible before time runs out and beat your contender.

Other Features:

  • Good Graphics
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • 4 competition maps

Developer Notes:
As I get more feedback and suggestions about this game I will be able to get more Game-modes based on your opinions and more features to use. I hope to get a Multiplayer mode as time goes by but it all depends on where my fellow GMC members stand.No sound yet :whistling: Remeber to give feedback! :)visit my forum at www.guegames.freeforums.net Contact Us:If there are any problems, Contact me on the Game maker community. PM at Greenhawk911 or Email me at gj@greatlakespd.com.
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