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Giving credit where credit’s due! Here's all the art, tech and music that made GATHER happen.

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Isometric 64x64 Outside Tileset - Yar (Opengameart.org)
[LPC] Flower Recolor - William.Thompsonj (Opengameart.org)
LPC Orange Trees - Nemisys (Opengameart.org)
Heart Animation - Stagnation (Opengameart.org)
Glitch Alpine Landscape (SVG) - Tiny Speck (Opengameart.org)
Explosion effects and more - Soluna Software (Opengameart.org)
Zombie and Skeleton 32x48 - Reemax (Opengameart.org)
OpenGameArt’s Liberated Pixel Cup Base Assets (Lpc.opengameart.org)
Grue - Jesse McCarthy (Opengameart.org)
Medieval Props textured - Clint Bellanger (Opengameart.org)
sparkling fireball effect - rubberduck (Opengameart.org)
Items - Reid (Opengameart.org)
Bunny Rabbit LPC style for PixelFarm - Redshrike (Opengameart.org)
Runes - sunburn (Opengameart.org)
[LPC] Signposts, graves, line cloths and scare crow - Reemax (Opengameart.org)
magic flame - rubberduck (Opengameart.org)
teleporter effect - rubberduck (Opengameart.org)
3D Swirls - Lokiare (Opengameart.org)
Explosions - helpcomputer (Opengameart.org)
Misc. Dark Fantasy Scenery Sprites - Gwes (Opengameart.org)
Bramble - Julien (Opengameart.org)
UI pack: RPG extension - Kenny (Opengameart.org)
Blood splat animations - PWL (Opengameart.org)


Pastoral - Yubatake (Opengameart.org)


RPG Sound Package - Reemax (Opengameart.org)
Wolf Howl - Zarry (Freesound.org)
RPG sounds - Kenney Vleugels (www.kenney.nl)
Fantasy Sound Effects Library - Little Robot Sound Factory (Littlerobotsoundfactory.com)
Goblin sounds - artisticdude (Opengameart.org)
Voice acting sketch [Open Dungeons] - eugeneloza (Opengameart.org)
8 wet squish, slurp impacts - Independent.nu (Opengameart.org)


Made with Phaser Engine
Rotor’s Isometric Plugin
UI Text made with TextCraft.net
PNGs Minimized with TinyPNG.com

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