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Despite being a 2d game, MGS:IO is similar to Metal Gear Solid 2

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-Deep story driven Campaign Mode.

Particle Animation System
-Smooth Particle Animations.

Customize Character Outfit
-Multiple outfits
-Multiple Mask

Advanced Shooting System.
- Customizable weapons.
-Breakable Suppressors.
-Create a custom class of Primary, Secondary, and 2 Support Weapons
-Random Critical Hit Chance (headshot/autokill) Based on weapon stats and Actions being Performed
-If 1 tile away from enemy. 100% headshot
-Tranquilizer weapons that can put opponent to sleep.
-Screen pans in direction you are facing when aiming weapon.
-Enemies that can be held up by gunpoint
-Splash Damage on throw able weapons (grenades).
-Adjustable distance for throwing weapons
-Grenades can bounce off wall

Combat Cover System
-Take cover on the edge of walls
-50% less chance of being shot
-Can pop out for shots on reduced chance of being shot.

Close Quarters Combat.
-Useful in close quarters.
- Knock enemies down for a follow up attack
-Can slam enemy to the floor; stuns after 2 slams.
-Can knock enemies over with the evasive roll move.
-Roll attack then headshot while on floor

Stealth System
-multiple paths to objective
-running makes noise
-each enemy has a hearing splash area.
-Enemies use walkie talkie to enter alert mode.
-Can lean against the wall and pan the screen to see further
-Can knock on wall to attract enemy
-lasers, cameras, motion detectors
-Can hide in tall grass to lower enemy vision
-Can duck behind low cover
-Can hang over rails
-Hide in lockers
-Strike Teams (reinforcements) with body armor and riot shields
-Riot shields shatter after repeated fire
-Bodies that need to be hidden
-Lights that can be turned off to affect enemy vision.

Metal Gear Offline
-Competitive Enemy Ai
-Enemies can headshot the player , do more damage, and have better accuracy..
-Team Deathmatch battles and 1 vs 1 Player vs Enemy AI Bot matches.
-Stages/Maps can choose time of day.
-RPG Level Up your skills in combat.

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