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Kingdoms In Chaos is a 3rd person open world sandbox cartoon mmorpg.

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Combat systemMouse click combat, easy to control player movement. First person or Third person visual experience.

Knight Fighting

build your charDevelop your skills. Level and apply stats to your character as you see fit.


races1Choose between 4 races. Human, Elf, Orc and Undead. Each race has 5 classes and its own set of attributes for each class!


pvpChoose your side. Play as Human (Lion), Orc (Mask), Undead (Hand) or Elven (Elk) races in the wars to come!


resourcesThe back bone of Kingdoms In Chaos is to fight for rare resources! Fractions must siege, capture and defend key fortified areas that contain crafting riches such as metal ores which are used in the crafting of legendary weapons! Invade your enemies homeland and plunder their resources!


fun questsThere are many Quests within the game that lead to great adventure and treasure!


mountEach race has its own mount to choose from! Mounts are faster than walking.


craftingSearch and forge for materials to craft weapons, armor and potions!! Help in the fight for rare resources and create legendary items!



Explore our massive world full of cave's, catacombs, dungeons and tombs. Travel through dangerous swamps, sprawling forests and mountainous terrains. Players can even explore the other races territories!




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