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Some words about the different game modes: victory and defeat condition

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Clash of Aggression features three different game modes. Victory condition vary from one to another, as well as some game mechanics:


  • Victory condition: The enemy base is destroyed.
  • Defeat condition: Your team base is destroyed.

In this game mode there is no time limit. The store can be access also from F1 - F9 keys and numeric keyboard. There is also respawn available.


  • Victory condition: In this mode you should hold against the hordes for 10 minutes. Once the limit is reached, there will be no more enemy reinforces. When the last enemy is killed, you win.
  • Defeat condition: if there are no ally buildings left, you lose.

You can buy allies, superweapons and ammo from the interface store. Just select the type you can to buy with F1 - F9 keys, and select the desired item with the numeric keyboard. Most of maps featuring this game mode has respawn for the player.

Wave survival

  • Victory condition: Survive the last wave (number of waves depends on difficulty selected)
  • Defeat condition: Your character dies.

There is no respawn, your character can't sprint and the enemies are slower but they have more health. In this mode the store appears at the end of each wave: you should look for it, there is a red sign "SHOP" that randomly appear in different positions.

You can heal yourself with your medic pack. Just press "Q". It takes a time to reach it fully capacity.


  • Victory condition: You are the first to reach the frag limit.
  • Defeat condition: An opponent reachs first the frag limit.

Simple rules. There are random power ups with weapons in the map. Explore a little and get better weapon than your opponents.


  • Victory condition: You can't win. Survive as much as you can.
  • Defeat condition: Your team base is destroyed.

There is no scape. Survive until your base is destroyed. Enemy spawn rate is higher, constant.

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