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This is where we go into our game modes: from single-player to multi-player to multiverse.

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Cross Platforming

When you think cross platforming nowadays we think "Oh, this will release on multiple consoles, but most likely they can’t play with each other". This is especially true with PC and Console, as well as now Mobile and PC.
With Dimension Nexus Adventures when we say Cross Platform, we mean you can play on the same server with your Xbox, Playstation, PC, or Mobile Phone. Having looked into the issues between the connectivity, we found it's really not hard to do. The main issue most people say is “Well, PC using mouse/keyboard can do twitch play better” or a host of other issues. After studying this for a while we've realized one thing: these people had no clue what they were talking about. If you put a person on their familiar console or PC, they are just as good normally as someone good at playing against someone on a different console or PC.

Single player comes with a few fun aspects. This can be used to test bed ideas before you RnD them, allowing you to finish researches and make sure you in fact can do what you wanted. Or much more, which I’ll explain:
1) Machimina mode
In this mode, you can put in any model you wish, design the world, and script the AI (including animation) allowing you to make machinima with high detail of whatever you can model into the game.
2) Sandbox mode
In this mode you can basically cheat all the time. It allows you to speed up research times, fly around, and basically start seeing what the game has to offer. For instance, if you're thinking of making a space station in fantasy, you could take what you have modeled with all its systems, and place them into space with some NPCs and make sure they survive. Anything created in this mode can be dropped to the RnD Archive which allows you to not have to worry about modeling the object again. You can simply start RnD. This is also good for refining the look of items.
3) Story mode
This is basically our standard single player, where you will have a large open ended story which ends with defeating a boss with your team. This is also in multiplayer to allow you to bring co-op play into it. Once a boss is defeated, the game is basically in wait mode until the host selects a new boss to fight.

1) Sandbox collaboration mode
This mode is made for you to get help with an object your working on. Bring in friends, get feedback, or even if you don’t design models very well, you can have someone work on it while you do the work on the research.
2) Co-op Story mode
This is Story mode with the ability to have friends playing in it. Not much to really add here.
3) Private Multiverse Mode

This is Multiverse (see below) with more controls for the admin. Connections to other servers for boss fights are done between allied servers, or on the same server with multiple dimension maps. This means you know who you will play with, and who can do trade connections. You can even set up wars between servers and shut that war down whenever you want.

Multiverse Multiplayer
There is only one thing to say about this one. Its the whole thing. And its now time to detail exactly how it works:
1) Admin controls
Think an MMO in this aspect, you put in a ticket to solve issues, and our GM staff looks over the issue. If you have someone who is “griefing” and wish them not to play on your server, this is pretty much an 'instant we can remove them from the list for your server'. However if this was a person that came over from another server because of the boss system, you're going to have to deal with this in house. However we will take actions on “raids” if it seems like a server is picking on another, and can give you some help.

The reason for the ticket system is simple. Some servers will be 100% heroes, some will be heroes and neutrals, some could be 100% villain, someone could have a mix of all three. They don’t have the resources of their home when in your dimension. And if you have a resurrection nexus on your server, I’d suggest making sure you can blacklist people from it, so they now have to deal with perma-death while on your server. This also is good against Raids.
2) Raid system, and raid complaint system
Now, lets say we are a villain server who has a leader, effectively - a player ran boss. They are quite capable of attacking other multiverse servers albeit with a catch. This catch is those Heroes who have decided to unite their multiverse server as a guardian server. Now while you can’t see what dimensions are listed as, here is a fun example:

A) Guardian Server #1

- Releases on the workshop a nexus add-on you can develop on your server that allows you to put out a distress call and/or receive them. They explain it's already set up and that once researched will connect to a dimensional nexus they've built which receives those calls and allowing them to help out other servers when they need it. They also have made sure that their dimension is safe from others for the time being.

B) Villian Server #1
- Being a high population server and uniting under one flag, their leader has decided to go out and raid to look for resources they didn't start with. Unless you've been to a server already, you don’t know when connecting for the first time what to expect. The first scouts report there is a type of tree and mineral they don’t have, and that it matches something they need. So they start moving in trying to usurp control of the resources.

C) Generic Server #1
- Once they find out they are under attack, they have options. They could negotiate and limit combat in exchange for the resource. They could hit the distress call and call in help from the hero server. Or, they could decide to join with the Villains, trading resources back and forth and bolstering that Villain.

So as you can see, once we get to the point of asking "can we defeat this" or "do we have to call for help" is where it's hard to say what will happen next. Just like with our boss system where you could join a boss, give it a foothold, and help it on its bid for the multiverse, instead you are simply doing this for a player boss. Or maybe you could call for help and end up joining the Guardian server, if you wish, in defending others.

This starts to build alliances and trade routes. You should also remember that RnD is another solution to this. You could develop a device that either a) strengthens the dimension barrier of your server making anyone else have to work much harder to get in, or b) make a false dimension like a customs office / prison. (Yes I’ve watched Sliders)
3) Trading between dimensions
So, you're a merchant and research the ability to connect to another dimension using temporary portals. You've hidden this well from your server as you have a great idea. Once built, you head into your basement and head to a random server, with a device that sends a signal to make a portal back.

Once you're in this dimension, you bring your trade goods and see how much they are worth. Then you look for rare resources not found on your world and head back. Now, you have materials you can sell that no one else has in your dimension. This is only one way of doing it. Another way is the community could make a type of nexus and connect to different servers, negotiate trade rights, and possibly make an embassy. Think of each dimension as a real life country, with borders, different laws, and varied resources.
4) The fully active Boss System
So the way this works is simple: each boss can only be active in one dimension at a time. They are not allowed to attack a server more than once. The only thing that breaks this is when another server you're connected to lets themselves be ruled by the boss. This is pretty much the only exception to that rule. We want to create unique and dynamic game play experiences for everyone. If you missed the boss system feature, check the discussion area for more detail on it.

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