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An explanation about how the game works: mechanics and a short manual

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Every character on this game (turrets included) has experience. You can check their kill count and current level by pointing your gun at them. Each level provides the character with more melee strength and attack speed. At level 5, the character gains health regeneration.


Killing enemies by yourself or by your allies gives you money. In Assault and Defense game modes you can use it directly with your keyboard. In Wave survival game mode you can only use it in a world store.

Buildings and store

In this game you should not only care about your health: your base is as important as yourself. You may have noticed there are different type of buildings. If you lose one type or another, you will lose store options:

  • Barrack - Infantry
  • Factory - Vehicles
  • Helipad - Planes/Helicopters
  • Radar - Superweapons

This only applies for Assault and Defense game modes. There are also ally tokens that calls for an ally from time to time-


You can carry four types of weapons, each one assigned to a key, one type at the same time:

  • Key 1: Melee
  • Key 2: Pistols
  • Key 3: Shotgun
  • Key 4: Rifles
  • Key 5: Heavy weapons


If you run out of ammo, you can perform a simple melee attack with the "V" key, while pointing and enemy next you you.


You can throw grenades with "G" button.

Friendly Fire

There is friendly fire only with explosions: grenades and heavy weapons

Medic Pack

Only available in Wave survival game mode, it can heal yourself by pressing "Q" button. It recharges overtime. You can check it's status next to your health (look for "MP")

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