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A full list of features that has been implemented in the game. And a few gameplay styles.

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The game has a lot to offer. And it has some play styles.

-=You have to print out an image in order to play=-

Game features:

* Its completely FREE. There is no paid version. You can play the full version for free
* After each wave, the game saves automatically(So if the game crashes, you barely lose data)
* Tabled and phone support!
* Upgradable turrets
* Upgradable gun
* Over 40 balanced waves. After that endless mode will occur
* 4 save slots
* If you have a new phone and you dont want to start over again. You can copy the save file from your old phone to your new phone(tutorial will come)
* Stunning 3D graphics
* a lot of enemies to kill!!
* Much, much more!

Gameplay styles:

There are a few play styles wich you can play. You can either:

Fully upgrade your gun, if you chose this play style you completely rely on your skills
Fully upgrade your turrets. You rely less on your skills, but can be tricky at start.
Mixed, you balance your turrets and gun so you can rely on both your skill and the turrets.

Choose one that fits you!

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