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Quick answers to questions often asked about Legacy of the Dragon

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Question: I'm getting the "unable to open file: commonres/ccoop_extra_ui_textures.brf" error while trying to launch the mod, what is the problem?
Answer: It means you're using an older version of Mount&Blade: Warband, LOTD doesn't support older versions than 1.171. Download the latest version from taleworlds website, downloads section.

Q: Why is the installation file so small compared to other mods?
A: I didn't add the OSP items as I found them. Most of them were modified and their polygon numbers decreased the match to overall graphical quality of the base game. So if graphics are a big deal for you, LOTD might not be the mod you're looking for.

Q: I can't find any option to find raise undead even when I max the necromancy skill. What am I doing wrong?
A: You need a grimoire to access your necromancy menu.

Q: I can't find advanced levels of some spells. Where to get them?
A: Some trainers sell only basic levels of the spells in their repertoire. Just look around, I tested it and double checked it. All spell levels are there.

Q: Some magic trainers don't sell any spell trainers. Why?
A: They do. You need a spellbook to be able to buy arcane spells, grimoire to buy shadow spells, holy book to buy holy spells.

Q: I'm stuck at a stage of the epic quest. I guess it's bugged?
A: Tested it many times, it's working. You're probably doing something wrong. Tip (contains spoilers): loot the chest after slaying the dragon.

Q: I can't find the supposedly existent Dark Elf chest in Mistwood. Does it actually exist?
A: Keep looking. Tested it recently, it's accessible. If you're still struggling, launch the game with edit mode on, press "CTRL+E" in Mistwood and you wil see the path.

Q: How to become a vampire, fiendling or werewolf?
A: Vampires and fiendlings are textures for human race (there is a 16 skin/race limitation in Mount&Blade engine and LOTD is using all of them already). So create a human, go through skins and you'll see them. For werewolf, enable cheatmenu and equip werewolf items. They don't have any specific mechanics, just cosmetic.

Q: Battle just ends when I die. I hate this mechanic, are you going to change it?
A: Added battle continuation in v0.77. However, on specific occasions such as village raids or when siege defenders sally out, battle will end when the player character dies.

Q: Corpses of races using ogre, orc and half-orc skins look weird and stretched. Why is that?
A: That is a common problem with many other mods that has races with their scales are increased. Sadly, I couldn't fix that, until I do, I recommend playing LOTD with ragdolls off.

Q: Do you plan to add diplomacy?
A: No. Although I added some features from diplomacy, I'm not planning to merge LOTD with the entirety of diplomacy. Almost all features I added to LOTD, I can comprehend how they work, so if they cause problem I could fix it. However as I'm pretty much a newbie at module development, I can't do that with an entire mod very complex mechanics. Also, I like the simplicity of the base game mechanics.

Q: Are you planning to release the module system?
A: Yes, after I have dialogs and strings proofread. The next version will have module system attached to it.

Q: I'm a Mac/Linux user and the game crashes when I'm trying to start a new game. How to fix it?
A: LOTD has problems launching on Mac and Linux machines. I'm currently trying to fix this and I'd appreciate help from users who are experienced with both these systems and M&B module system.


Nice, nice. Keep it going dude, this mod is great :)

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PS! For the Epic quest, I've seen a lot of people who can't find the Draconic Dome. There are two or three chests in the Dragon's room, so make sure to check them all out.

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