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Want to know more about Stargate: The New Enemy? Read the FAQ =)

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Question: When the play will leave?
Reply: And well frankly, I want to answer: it will leave when it can leave. It is simple, it is too early to give a precise date of the exit of the play. In the same way for the demonstration besides. We envisage an exit towards the end 2007 but that still remains fuzzy.

Q: At which time is the play?
R: It occurs between season 7 and season 8. More precisely starting from the episode “Forty”.

Q: Is the scenario exactly that of the series, i.e. the same episodes?
R: Not, the play is based on the series Stargate SG-1 but the scenario was invented completely by the team.

Q: Is the game called “The New Enemy”, that means that there will be a new enemy? So yes which.
R: There will be indeed a new enemy but we cannot reveal you who is it.

Q: Who will we incarnate in the solo?
R: Then we will be able to incarnate complete SG-1 (Jack O' Neill, Samantha Carter, Daniel Jackson and Teal' c) in turn according to the mission and certain missions will occur with other characters like a mission only in MALP.

Q: There will it be controllable vessels in the game?
R: Not but they will be integrated later after the exit of the play in a add one.

Q: Will the game be paying?
R: Not it will not be it for the simple reason that we do not have the Stargate licence. The play will be thus completely free.

Q: Will we be able to visit planets freely? Outward journey example on a planet, bourriner some jaffas then to return with the SGC.
R: There will be this mode, the free mode which will be quite simply makes of it the dial integrated in the FPS but thus with possibility of going this time is-even on planets.

Q: Which weapons will be available in the game?
R: About all weapons of the series Stargate SG-1, P-90 with the ZAT while passing by Lance Jaffa but also the SPAS 12. Are envisaged approximately more than one score weapons to see more.

Q: Patchs will they be envisaged after the exit of the game?
R: That is very possible, already to regulate the remaining bugs but also to make improvements and why not of news maps.

Q: On which (S) platform (S) will be available the game?
R: Unfortunately it is not for the moment expected that for PC but a version for Mac could be considered.

Q: Which is the configuration minimum necessary for the game?
R: For the moment it is impossible to consider a basic configuration. We will be able to estimate it only when the play is finished.

Q: How will be the multijouor mode?
R: We can to only say you that it will be innovating, i.e. that it will be the ssociation of two kinds of multijouor mode. Various modes of plays are envisaged in addition.


Will it be in English?

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I think it has language options.

I hope.

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