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Control a flying saucer and destroy entire cities in FlyUFO IO. Earth is under a full-scale alien invasion. Compete against other players in a 2-minute struggle for power. Abduct humans and trash cans, become stronger, and move on to trees, cars, and buildings. Or join the Battle Royale mode and try to outlive every other spacecraft.

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The Basics of Galactic Domination

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Fly over various objects to suck them in with a tractor beam. Hold LMB and use the cursor to navigate the surroundings. Consume as much as possible to level up and reach an enormous size. Earn the highest score on the server by the end of the round to win.

How to Play FlyUFO.io and Achieve Victory Every Time

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Although the invaders are technologically advanced, typical rules of survival still apply. The larger opponent always overpowers the smaller one. Stay away from combat at first. Target unsuspecting pedestrians roaming the streets. Then proceed to explore parks and parking lots. Gradually grow powerful enough to take on tall structures and other competitors.

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Fans of fast-paced action and competitive multiplayer should definitely check out this title. Wreak havoc on detailed 3D environments and turn into an unstoppable force of destruction. Intense matches of FlyUFO.io are free, engaging, and incredibly fun. Enjoy them in any modern browser and have a blast.

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