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So, lets talk about Art and Music. In this game we can use the RnD engine for much more than just making new items, we can also modify world items. We also can add in Foley sounds to make music. I’ll explain these two here.

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For the first example of art, we're going to look at stone carving. In this case, we had someone who has a granite quarry we've purchased a large block. As we mentioned before when the granite is taken out, it becomes a physics object, so now we need to work with it. We open up the RnD editor and select granite as our medium. The art has no technology properties, we simply use the in game RnD editor to turn a block of granite into a statue using the tools. Starting with a chisel that lets us break off larger sections.

Once we have the base outline we move to finer and finer tools until we're basically using a file for the details. Once were satisfied with this object we save our RnD project under the art section. Now, we go back to our granite block and select this physics object and RnD with it. Once we do that we open up compatible RnD objects we've made. In the case of a statue we can use any stone for this Art RnD, the reason we used granite in the RnD engine is because we could use the proper tools and we already now know how it will look.

The RnD system then looks at the size of our granite block and lets us know it’ll take 5 game days to complete. Most likely in real life this will be 2.5 days. We set our character about the task and have the choice of doing a minigame to speed it up. However there is a second option. We could do Live RnD. Allowing us to simply work with the material in the game. The risk is that if we make a mistake we can’t undo it.

Now you have a statue for the king, town square, or for in front of your business.

In our second example we're making a painting. This is a little more complex as we have to consider both the canvas we're working on, as well as the paint and pigments we will use. In the RnD system we can define these, paint, then produce. We can also choose to do it live by placing our paints nearby and brushes and using them with Live RnD.

There is even one more bonus feature we can use. That is our motion capture system, using a 3Dcamera on your computer, Xbox, or PlayStation. We can use this to actually paint, or chisel on the object.


We have some unique instruments in the game for several species. The game will start with base music for people to play, and using part of our RnD engine, allow us to compose new music, and sell it. Could you be the next composer in your server or maybe the multiverse to have their music played at concerts? Its quite possible, even choreography and plays can be worked on in this system.

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