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Modern Warfare III 2D is comes with new Maps, new Weapons, new Team Players, new HUD, and even new game Scripts.

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Hello guys.. now i will tell you what Maps, Weapons, Team Players (Factions), HUD, and Scripts is comes with the Mod.

- Assault Rifles: AK-47, M16A1, SCAR-L, MK14, ACR 6.8, G36C, CM901
- Sniper Rifles: Barret 50.cal, Dragunov
- SubMachine Gun: MP7, UMP45, P90, AK-47u
- Light Machine Gun: PKP Pecheneg
- Shotguns: USAS-12, KSG 12
- Handguns: P99, MP412

- Multiplayer Maps: Arkaden, Bakaara, Bootleg, Carbon, Dome, Downturn, Fallen, Hardhat, Interchange, Lockdown, Mission, Outpost, Resistance, Seatown, Underground, Village

- Factions: Delta Force, S.A.S., PMC, GIGN, Spetsnaz, Africa Militia, Inner Circle

- Faction Battle: There will be faction battle on each map. Every map have it's own faction. Like "Arkaden: SAS (Special Air Force) vs. Spetsnaz".
- Level & Point: There will be level & point that can you get on each kill. When you get a lot of point, you can get some secret prize. It's called Scorestreak.
- Locked Weapon: In this mod, some weapon is locked. To unlock those weapon, just reach the requirement level of the weapon. After the weapon is unlocked, you must to buy it to use that weapon.
- Another Script

So stay tuned.. :D



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