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Here is the list of features for Battles for Warband mod.

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200 vs 200 battles can be fought.
11 different factions are available.
Adaptive battles - when "Battle" mode is chosen, the losing side gains the amount of attackers still alive at the end of the round. For example, the server starts with each faction having 20 units each. Faction 1 wins the first round with 12 survivors. Round two starts with faction 1 having 20 units and faction 2 having 32 units. This will grow unit the limit of 200 units is reached for a faction. This feature creates balance with the various factions.
Drowning has been implemented.
Stray horses are removed after 30 seconds.
This mod encourages using AIs and so having over a hundred AIs on each team would generate tons of casualty messages which become extremely distracting and noisy. This mod will only display casualty reports for human players. If the kill involves a human player, then the message is displayed.
2 Arena Maps have been added for TDM and DM.
All siege walk meshes have been corrected so the AIs can put up a good fight to defend the castle. The AI can not effectively attack the castle without at least one human directing them. They can defend with no humans on the defenders team.
In "Siege" mode, the AI for attackers and defenders will trickle in. They will not spontaneously spawn and respawn. Humans will spawn in 10 seconds regardless of team.
A Helms Deep Siege map has been added.
Random Desert, Desert Forest, Snow Forest and Forest maps are now available.
Sample dedicated server text files are included in the DedicatedServerFiles directory.


Me gusta and the AI is well done!

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