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The following listed are the awesome features in the intense platformer, "How Far Can You Go?"

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Features: (For 0.4)

  • 3 Refined Worlds with ~40 levels total
  • Atmospheric and sublime Soundtrack
  • Minimalistic art style
  • Completely changed and improved - Visual overhaul
  • Growing challenge throughout worlds/levels
  • Simple Easy-to-read instructions with tips
  • Unique and simplistic backgrounds for every level.
  • Passwords through World 3 working.
  • The game over screen in each world will now let you restart at the same world (W2, W3 etc.)

Standard Edition Features: (Official Release) (Includes content in 0.4)

  • Over 50 Levels
  • 5 Worlds
  • Extremely long and epic Final Boss fight with a checkpoint beforehand.
  • Little/no glitches
  • Super difficult, but fair. Challenges at tougher levels

Deluxe Edition Features: (Official Release) (Includes Standard Edition)

  • Abandoned Levels: A set of 10 levels that are super ...super difficult
  • Original Soundtrack
  • 1 extra copy of the game! (Both versions too!)

This game will be DRM-free! There is a small possibility of me putting the final version up on Steam as well.

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