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OverDose is packed with many features. For a list of some of the things the OverDose engine is capable of, click the picture to the left.

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  • Fully dynamic, unified per-pixel lighting and shadowing model
  • Shadow mapping
  • Material system

  • GLSL vertex and fragment shaders

  • Post-processing effects

  • Widescreen support

  • In-game videos

  • 720p HD ROQ video

  • TrueType font support

  • Enhanced Quake 3 map format

  • Enhanced Quake 4 map format

  • Enhanced Doom 3 map format

  • Static models

  • MD5mesh skeletal models and MD5Anim animation files

  • Volumetric fog

  • Particle effects

  • Decals on any kind of geometry, including animated models

  • Sky portals

  • Mirror, portal, and remote camera subviews

Sound system

  • 3D sound spatialization

  • Sound shader system

  • Environmental reverberation and occlusion effects

  • Background music streaming

  • Surround sound support

  • Hardware acceleration support

Collision detection

  • Enhanced Quake 3 map format

  • Per-polygon collision detection on curved surfaces and map models

  • Per-polygon hit detection on all game models

  • Static models

  • Skeletal models


  • Based on the well-proven Quake 3 networking technology

  • Up to 64 players supported

  • LAN and Internet play

  • Voice chat support

  • Packet compression

  • Demo recording and playback support


  • Support for high definition mice with up to 8 buttons

  • Support for a wide array of game controllers with up to 8 axes, 4 POV hat switches, and 32 buttons

  • Support for the Xbox 360 controller for Windows

  • Force feedback support

File system

  • Compressed PK3 files

  • Pure server support

  • Auto-downloading support

  • Game modifications support


  • Integrated light, sound, FX, and reverb editors

  • Real time in-game editing: what you see/hear is what you get

  • User-friendly GUIs
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